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Jason Baldwin visits the Supreme Court



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More from Jason Baldwin. Mara Leveritt points us to a recent Facebook post:

Today I visited the United States Supreme Court for the first time. I was in awe. This court is almost sacred. I was here for two specific cases: Miller vs. Alabama and Jackson vs. Hobbs. Both cases seek to address the unconstitutionality of sentencing youth to life without the possibility of parole. I actually got to know Kuntrell Jackson while in prison. During my last few years there I was working in the Maximum Security Unit's GED school. It is there that I met KJ as I called him. He was young and truly remorseful in the part he played in the crime that landed him in prison. He was also hopeful and had faith that prison could not be the last place he visits upon this earth. I remember joked a lot about sports and whatnot but he also worked hard to earn his high school diploma. I was proud of him. You see, while I am innocent of the crime that sent me to prison most of the people there aren't (though I did meet others who actually are) and I made the decision long ago to treat these guys as people and not see them for the crimes that put them there. As a result I saw their humanity. I made friends with a lot of guys there who were juveniles when they committed their crimes. I grew up with them. We shared food, hopes, dreams and prayers. When I left I promised them all that I would not forget them. That is why I now not only fight for the innocent, to abolish the death penalty but I also fight for those youth who made a horrible mistake and realize that now. Who wish to dedicate their lives to doing good things and who are truly remorseful for their deeds. I believe our country should be one that is just, fair and merciful. Forgiveness heals all.

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