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Talk amongst yourselves.

But first, a few parting links.

*We've just enabled the Timeline on our Facebook page. Like everyone else, I think Timeline sucks aesthetically. But if you're at all interested in the early history of the Arkansas Times (which includes a significant amount of nudity), check it out. You're looking for the actual timeline on the right side of the page. Go to "started." For a more scattershot look back, don't forget about our new Tumblr, Old Times. The picture above is of the first issue of what would soon become the Arkansas Times, Sept. 1974.

*Obama campaign manager Jim Messina is coming to Juanita's for a fundraiser on March 27. Details.

*Philander Smith senior guard Ken Brown, who averaged 31 points a game this season, has been named First Team All-American in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. More from Arkansas Sports 360.

*A tarantula's bite is no more harmful than a bee's, according to Slate. And tarantulas are very reluctant to bite, we know...

thanks to the considerable efforts of the late Dr. William J. Baerg, who, while a member of the University of Arkansas entomology department during the 1940s, laboriously persuaded many tarantulas to bite him. The first attack was unbidden and occurred when the doctor tried to position a Trinidadian tarantula (Avicularia velutina: 'extremely pugnacious in attitude,' he wrote, 'it at first impressed me as probably venomous'”) to bite a white rat. The spider went for his finger instead. Contrary to the prevailing wisdom, he learned that the sting, though irritating, was basically harmless. More deliberate attempts soon followed with 26 less pugnacious tarantula species. Baerg had to repeatedly prod them to bite. (For comparison’s sake, he also allowed himself to be bitten by the smaller and less scary-looking black widow spider, and got very sick.)

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