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Thursday night line



Open to you. Closing out:

* UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: What a disaster the Stephens financial empire of Little Rock put in motion for itself when it threw in with a legal effort to try to shake copyright violation fees out of Internet users for reprinting even small snatches of newspaper articles. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette joined this effort for a brief time. The irony is that the string of court decisions that have gone against the copyright trolling enterprise have turned out to be support for Internet use of the work of others, within limits.

* SEX AND THE SENATE: Male staffer says he had affair with Republican female state senator, was fired. Now plans to blow whistle on other staffers who've had affairs with legislators who were NOT fired. .... In Minnesota.

* DEREK FISHER TO THE ROCKETS: The ride of UALR's Derek Fisher as an LA Laker has ended. He's been traded to the Houston Rockets.

* HALFOFF ARKANSAS: Consumer news you can use. We've begun our own independent half-off service, Halfoff Arkansas. Same deal as before. You double your money by buying a certificate from us. Pay $12.50, for example, for $25 worth of eats at Lulav. We have restaurant, entertainment, health, grocery, hotel and retail options. You'll no longer be mixed in with national product offers. Real deals at real fine Arkansas businesses.

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