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U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin: Hypocrite of the day



U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin was given a big space in the Saline Courier in Benton recently to expound on the failure of President Obama's stimulus program. Yes, we certainly would have been better off in America if GM and Chrysler had shut down, if Wall Street had crumbled and the government hadn't spent billions on public sector jobs and construction.

Just ask Tim Griffin.

By any standard, the stimulus has failed and only served to dig our country deeper into debt.

Yes, but it also did some useful work here and there. For example: $15 million in stimulus money went to rebuild and widen Military Road in Benton. It will connect the north end to Interstate 30. Some think this could encourage more commerce and jobs in the city, which is in Tim Griffin's district.

Perhaps we could get a pledge from Griffin and Republican Party Chair Doyle Webb of Benton not to drive on this failure or patronize anyone who creates jobs along this project. By any standard, it's a failure. Tim Griffin said so.

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