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Little Rock library tax cruising to passage


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The early and absentee vote total has been posted in the election today on extension of a Little Rock library tax millage for the Little Rock portion of the Central Arkansas Library System.

For: 484 78.4%

Against: 133 21.6%

The early voting is not always determinative, but this is a good indicator the quiet library practice of targeting supporters — plus a general record of good and increasingly popular services — should carry the day again.

The property tax will actually drop from 1 mill to .9 mill on approval, but be extended for four years. It's a pittance that will finance land for a new branch in west Little Rock, an auditorium for programs downtown, more parking, books and more.

UPDATE: I'm calling this one. With 43 of 71 precincts reporting:

FOR: 3,486 86.8%

AGAINST: 531 13.2%

Y'all can stay up and sweat in the final at this link.

I'm heading to bed, after a few more minutes of perverse pleasure at the votes in the Republican presidential primaries in Alabama and Mississippi, where the establishment front runner, Mitt Romney, is currently in third with not even a third of the total vote. It would be uproarious if not for the real possibility that whoever ends up driving this clown car — even Rick Santorum — still could be elected president.


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