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Websites blow whistle on bribery


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Fascinating story about the proliferation of websites around the world on which people report the bribes they paid to bureaucrats to get governmental chores accomplished — a payment to get a birth certificate in India, for example.

The idea suggests all kinds of derivative ideas for us. I'd be surprised if there's a lot of petty bribery in the permitting and similar governmental business in Arkansas. Perhaps I'm naive, particularly when I think of some of the tales told from smalltown, speedtrap Arkansas. I'm confident, though, that many tales could be told on such a website about undue influence in government by corporate and other special interests. An idea for a tech head to develop, perhaps?

It does recall, however, the hotline Gov. Mike Huckabee set up after the revelations of the Nick Wilson and Co. legislative scandals. It produced nothing of consequence.


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