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Limbaugh's a ripe target for Obama



LIMBAUGHS TARGET: Law student Sandra Fluke gets support from White House for her testimony.
  • LIMBAUGH'S TARGET: Law student Sandra Fluke gets support from White House for her testimony.

Republican Party orthodoxy — rigid adherence to a narrow agenda and never admit a mistake — has never been on better display than in the reflexive defense of Rush Limbaugh by his Arkansas disciples on Twitter. All Limbaugh did was label a law student testifying for access to contraception a slut and prostitute and suggest that she and her ilk make porn movies. It was just Limbaugh channeling Jonathan Swift, alibied one of his Arkansas lapdogs from the First Church of the Secretary of State's Office.

President Obama has chosen to back the law student, Sandra Fluke. It's a winner. If Limbaugh's past is any prologue, he'll accelerate his attacks and the angry old white men that constitute the bulk of his audience will chime right in. Good. Women got the vote last century and know how to use it.

You can watch Fluke's testimony here. She's no bimbo.

Also today in the Times: Charles Blow writes that Republicans such as Rick Santorum are targeting more than the sexual revolution these days.

Santorum’s stances are not about our Constitution, but his. He views personal freedoms as a personal affront. His thinking exists in a pre-1960s era of aspirin-between-the-knees contraception and read-between-the-lines sexuality.

The kind of conservatism that Santorum represents has been described as a war on women, but I would rephrase that. It’s a war on sex beyond the confines of traditional marriage and strict heterosexuality in which women, particularly poor ones, and gays, particularly open ones, are likely to suffer the greatest casualties.

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