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Profiles in courage — House leads on repeal of truck giveaway



  • 'REALISTICALLY' SPEAKING: The Senate's Paul Bookout.
I call attention to the Stephens Media roundup on the assortment of minor items remaining on the agenda for the fiscal session of the General Assembly only to underscore again the calm, sane and, by Arkansas legislative standards, brave leadership of House Speaker Robert Moore against that in the so-called upper chamber on the south end of the Capitol.

It's about a $4 million annual giveaway to truckers in a sales tax break on trucks and trailers. It was passed to take effect July 1 ONLY if voters approved a diesel tax increase. The diesel tax isn't going on the ballot. Ergo, truckers shouldn't get a further tax break for NOTHING. The sales tax break should be repealed.

House Speaker Moore:

Moore said he was disappointed the tax cut repeal bill lacked support in the Senate.

“It’s unfinished business from the regular session,” he said, adding that that “it was clear” during the 2011 session that if the trucking industry failed to support the diesel tax increase then the tax break would be rescinded.

Senate President Pro Tem Paul Bookout:

“Let’s be realistic,” Bookout said. “This is an election year and members are filing for re-election. Some people can interpret this issue as a tax cut, and so that gives some concern.”

Yes, let's be realistic. Some legislators are too stupid to understand or explain that it isn't a tax increase to maintain taxes at existing rates. Some are too craven or too intelllectually challenged to attempt to explain this to constituents. Some believe any tax cut, even one obtained by trick, should be upheld no matter the damage done to the budget. Some are sorry excuses for so-called public servants. But I think you knew all that.

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