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Keystone pipeline: Libs and 'baggers join forces



Another strange bedfellows coalition:

Environmentalists and Tea Party activists with an intense dislike for abuse of eminent domain by corporate interests have joined hands to oppose the Keystone pipeline that is intended to bear problematic tar sands from Canada to Gulf-area refineries.

TransCanada, you'll read, isn't too impressed by landowners' desire to be left alone. Irony: U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin doesn't like mandates that insure all Americans get health insurance. Mandates that make sure a Canada company can risk pollution to get its product to the world from gulf ports and bully American landowners to get out of the way? He's down with that.

PLEASE NOTE: The push for eminent domain is because TransCanada is pushing ahead with pipeline construction on the route in the lower U.S., where State Department approval isn't needed. So could somebody please tell U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin to stop talking about the 60 part-time jobs in Little Rock that weren't ever really permanently lost anyway. They'll have pipe to ship.

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