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Here comes Rapert: Defending sexually transmitted disease



If Sen. Jason Rapert doesn't take the lead on this, I'll be very surprised. It's yet another foray by wingnut, religionist Republicans — to triply repeat myself — to get their hands into the pants of Arkansas women, this time to prevent them from avoiding sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy.

An attack is expected in Joint Budget this morning on the state Health Department budget. It's political grandstanding to force a vote on a grant to Planned Parenthood.

For what? Not abortion. Quite the opposite, as Planned Parenthood of the Heartland explains.

This grant pays for HIV and sexually transmitted infection education and prevention programs throughout the state of Arkansas. Planned Parenthood health educators reach over 1,000 women and men, educating them about the risks and consequences of sexually transmitted infections. And most importantly, the educators talk about how to prevent such life-altering infections.

Safe, protected sex, of course, leads to fewer pregnancies and fewer abortions.

PS: Some other last-minute budget finagling is going on relative to several agencies, we're led to understand. This particular assault pertains to Centers for Disease Control money, not state money, that pays an educator.

Planned Parenthood's alert this morning:

Tell legislators to stop politicizing much needed health care and education programs.

This is just another blatant attack on Planned Parenthood being conducted by extreme legislators across the country — what a shame that it is now trying to take root here in our state of Arkansas.

Now is the time to stop this nonsense and make your voice heard, “I stand with Planned Parenthood and the great work they do for our state.”

Planned Parenthood is here for those who have nowhere else to turn. Please help us continue to be here for those who need our help in Arkansas.

I know. To quote the spineless Paul Bookout, it's election season. Realistically speaking, you can't expect an Arkansas legislator to vote to promote safe sex and diseases prevention when there's a chance a sanctimonious little preacher like Jason Rapert might try to twist women's health into something evil.

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