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Rohwer: A place to remember



  • GEORGE TAKEI: At Rohwer
Actor George Takei, in Little Rock this week for appearances at the Clinton School and with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, talked to the Times earlier about his family's experience at Rohwer, Ark. They and other American citizens were interned there during World War II because of their Japanese ancestry.

From his Times interview with Philip Provost:

I started school, and they taught us the Pledge of Allegiance. From my schoolhouse window, I could see the barbed wire fence and the sentry tower. I recited the words "with liberty and justice for all," without ever realizing how strongly ironic that was. When we came back to Los Angeles, the two most difficult things to get at that time were a job and housing. Our first home was on Skid Row in Los Angeles. That was the most terrifying part of the whole internment experience — getting back on our feet. For us kids ... living on Skid Row was terrifying. The stench of urine was everywhere, the street, the hallways. My sister would say, "Mama, let's go back home," meaning behind the barbed wire fence.

He made a swing by Rohwer and posted the photo here on his Twitter account.

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