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Dardanelle teen a suspect in threats on school



KTHV has details on a Dardanelle teen suspected of making threats to damage a school and students. Scant details released so far suggest a bomb plot.

A police search reportedly found components of an explosive device. The federal ATF joined the investigation.

The teen was identified as Julian Calfy.

The community buzz is that this was a real threat with potentially catastrophic consequences. At some point, court records will reveal more.

UPDATE: I've spoken with a family member who says the youth has been in juvenile custody since December for an unspecified probation violation and thus posed no threat to anyone. The foundation incident of the probation violation, according to the family member, was a plot among friends to produce "Ex-Lax brownies," doctored with ipecac, so that they could become sick and have an excuse to leave school. The family member was aware of a home search that took "random household items." She said the family had been given no notice of law enforcement action against Julian as an adult and had been unable to get information about it, except from what friends had told her about news accounts. "This is a really disturbing way for a family member to find out something is going on with their kid."

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