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Judge may dismiss charges against bar patron punched by LR cop



Fox 16 is in Sherwood District Court for the trial of Chris Erwin, slapped with a string of charges in November after off-duty Little Rock Police Lt. David Hudson punched him out at Ferneau's. According to Hudson, Erwin refused to leave a private party in the bar-restaurant. Hudson was providing private security; his punching of Erwin was caught on camera.

Judge Milas Hale tentatively decided yesterday to dismiss the charges on account of last-minute production of records pertaining to Hudson's past use of force and other evidence, but is reconsidering.

UPDATE: To make clear — though the state told Fox 16 that it was delayed in complying with Erwin's discovery motion in this case by the Supreme Court decision on the FOI case in Judge Wendell Griffen's court, the evidence that prompted the judge to consider dismissal was the late production of all the material the defense was entitled to see relative to Hudson's work on the police force and any other evidence that had a bearing on Erwin's arrest, including statements from witnesses. He was entitled to see this long before the eve of the trial

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