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The line is open. Parting remarks:

* NOW THEY'VE COME FOR THE GIRL SCOUTS: A Republican representative in Indiana refuses to support a resolution honoring the Girl Scouts because he says they promote the homosexual agenda and are pro-abortion. This is not a joke. He says others will join his cause. If there's one nut out there, you know there are more. I'd start by asking Rep. Justin Harris about the Girl Scouts. If the movement is underway, he or the Meeks boys would be the logical first stop in Arkansas. Or maybe over to Sen. Rapert's church.

* HIGHER EDUCATION: The state Higher Education Department has published ads seeking applicants for director, a job that interim director Shane Broadway wasn't qualified by statute to hold. A couple of applications have already come in from off. I'd guess many more are to come.

BLANCHE: Alas, we knew ye.
* GOOD RIDDANCE, BLANCHE: When you read stories like this about Blanche Lincoln's rich rewards for her election loss as a lobbyist/consultant for greedy special interests, you remember why it was so crazy that Democratic establishment types backed her over Bill Halter and how little cause there is to be remorseful about her loss. She's doing the best she can now for the deep pocketed National Federation of Independent Business.

* SEX OFFENDER RELEASED: On the heels of the release of Benton's predator music minister David Pierce, a pastor from Pulaski County who was convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage boy two years ago was released from prison today. Shane Montgomery,formerly of Little Rock's The River Church, was arrested in December 2009. Police said that he later confessed to having a sexual encounter with a 15-year-old boy he met over the internet. Montgomery, who had been featured on KTHV Channel 11 several times as a financial planning expert (videos featuring Montgomery appear to have been disabled on the KTHV site), pleaded guilty to 4th degree sexual assault in February 2011 and was sentenced to one year in prison. He was released on completion of the sentence and is not on parole. He will have to register as a sex offender.

* LOCAL TASTES AT LIT: A Whole Hog Cafe outlet is coming to Little Rock National Airport in late spring and the airport concessionaire is also adding Rock Town Distillery spirits to drink offerings, it was announced today. Was it Lindsey's that provided local bbq at LIT for a time?

* BODY IDENTIFIED: Authorities say a body found in a barn in Sebastian County is that of a missing teen, Angela Allen. She was a runaway who apparently arranged via social media to meet a man who was convicted of rape in 2002. He's in custody. the body was found on his property.

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