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Jon Woods dances with what brung him



MUSIC VID: Caused controversy for Jon Woods (not the one flipping bird.)
  • MUSIC VID: Caused controversy for Jon Woods (not the one flipping bird.)
Misty Gittings, a Northwest Arkanas newspaper reporter, loads a photo of state Rep. Jon Woods signing lyrics to the song "Whiskey 'Fore Breakfast" at a Fayetteville appearance of his band, "A Good Fight."

Her Twitter feed covers Woods' band at George's, where he decided, wisely I think, to double down on Senate opponent Bill Pritchard's criticism of his playing of such un-Christian music. He played it again for a happy audience and criticized Pritchard's tax votes. "Jon Woods for president," cried a member of the audience, whose eligibility to vote in Woods' district wasn't mentioned

You'll recall that Pritchard tried to make hay earlier about Woods' video of the song at an Oklahoma rock fest. Seemed silly to me, though 1) who knows about Republican primary voters in that neck of the wods and 2) at first, the Woods camp got all antsy about the video and particularly bent out of shape by our use of the image shown here of someone (not Woods) flipping the bird. I like their cover of the song, by the way, and am not too concerned about rock lyrics given that I can't make sense of most of them anyway. I would like to know more about Woods' consulting work outside his band life, however. He was among a gaggle of young Republicans that invaded the legislature a few years ago. They seemed to have figured out a way to live on legislative salaries and not much else. So I've wondered about his announced consulting skills. Advice to rock bands?

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