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Imagine — a Mitt Romney presidency



The idea of a Mitt Romney presidency is troubling in any number of ways.

But add one more — the type of people to whom he'll owe gratitude.

Read Glenn Greenwald in Salon on billionaire Frank Vandersloot. Vandersloot's actions regarding gay people and gay rights don't sit well with me, for starters. But his use of legal pressure to suppress publication of articles about him is a much bigger 1st Amendment issue. Greenwald vows to raise whatever money is necessary to combat Vandersloot.

The rich guys can be beaten in court on occasion. Ask the Stephenses and Walter Hussman about Righthaven, the copyright lawsuit factory they once backed.

Just noticed that Romenesko, influential media blogger, linked Salon on the Vandersloot legal tactics. Will mainstream media show some backbone and follow up?

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