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No surprises at Bishop Woosley's first press conference



Bishop Woosley held a quick press conference today at the Lottery Scholarship headquarters, but he didn't say much that we haven't already heard. He reiterated that he doesn't intend to fill the vacant vice president slots and that he plans to increase revenue through social media promotions, new retail outlets in untapped markets and targeted instructional outreach focused on specific games. He also plans to sell tickets at lottery claims centers in Jonesboro, Camden and Springdale. According to Woosley, these locations are not intended to compete with local vendors but to offset the costs of operating the claims centers. Closing them is not an option because the lottery holds four-year building leases.

"We are sensitive to local vendors ... but we cut the communication fee to retailers ... in order to do that, we had to cut costs, so selling tickets at claim centers is a way to cover the costs of operating claim centers," he said.

He doesn't know who will succeed him as the lottery's chief legal counsel.

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