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Republican U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa is going to have a "public" hearing on contraception policy today. There will be 10 speakers. Eight of them are men. None of them favor equity in contraception coverage for health plans that cover prescriptions. Viagra, yes. Birth control, no.

Issa refused to allow a female Georgetown law student to offer an opposing view.

Issa is doing marginally better than Sean Hannity, who produced an all-male, all-opposed panel on the same subject. Jon Stewart nailed him on the Daily Show:

Stewart brushed aside with the disdain it deserved, the panel’s attempts to paint themselves as Christian martyrs over health insurance coverage for birth control. Noting that there are Christians truly being persecuted in places such as China and Egypt, Stewart jabbed, “Believe me, the Christian guy making bricks in a Chinese forced labor camp? He’d love to be on Hannity complaining about a $20 copay for Ortho Tri-cyclen.”

Stewart also quipped, “This government hates religious organizations so much, it lets them keep $100 billion a year in offerings tax free. Persecute my ass like that! I’d love it!”

He summed it up with, “You’ve confused a war on religion with not always getting everything you want. It’s called being part of society.”

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