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Unearned truck tax break gets repeal vote


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The House Rules Committee this morning approved legislation to prevent a truck sales tax break from taking effect (because a companion diesel tax increase didn't happen) and also approved the Joint Budget Committee's version of a shell revenue stabilization bill.

Democrats are still firmly in control of the House and these actions were to be expected. It's unclear whether the Senate can muster the two-thirds vote to stop the unearned truck tax break. It would be an outrage to give a further tax break to an industry that already doesn't pay for the damage caused by its rigs, but tax votes have become radioactive to some Democratic wimps, along with Stepford Republicans.

More debate is sure to come on Republican efforts to write a general state spending plan of their own. The Democratic governor and Democratic legislative majorities don't necessarily guarantee they won't be able to win some changes with pressure from a competing plan.

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