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Gov. Beebe will go to China



HEADING TO CHINA: Gov. Mike Beebe.
  • HEADING TO CHINA: Gov. Mike Beebe.
Nixon did. Why not Gov. Mike Beebe? Roby Brock reports on the governor's planned trade trip to Asia.

Everybody does them so they must be productive, right?

I notice the item mentions Beebe's trade trip to Europe and credits it with job creation, including at Dassault Falcon. Actually, there have been big layoffs at Dassault Falcon, no fault of the governor, but of the general economy. That drives a whole lot more decisions than gubernatorial trips — along with the usual baseline issues like access to markets, raw materials, labor force, cost of living, utility costs, etc. — I still tend to believe.

Haven't the Marks — Darr and Martin — already been to China? What else does Arkansas need?

One thing's sure: Cheap as labor is in anti-union Arkansas, it's still not cheap enough to relocate any of those Walmart goods manufacturing plants from China back here.

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