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Dreams of riches



OK, why not help the poor Arkansas lottery and mention that April Burnside won $1 million by buying a $20 lottery ticket at a tobacco store in Hamburg. (She actually only got to keep about $680,000 after tax withholding.)

And why not mention that the Powerball jackpot to be drawn for today is up to $325 million, good for a lump sum payment of almost $200 million, which after taxes will leave you with $120 million or so. Probably enough.

I'm going to buy a ticket, though I think I once read you have about as much chance as finding a pre-marked blade of grass on a football field, or something like that. Lotteries don't make money without millions of chumps, after all.

First expenditure of my expected winnings: A $12 million tithe to a Super PAC for local political issues. Full disclosure, see?

How would you spend it? It's $2 worth of daydreaming anyway.

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