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Oklahoma's not OK on gay rights



It could be worse. You could live in Oklahoma, where legislators are busy working to establish a bar on gay people serving in the National Guard and to be sure that local governments don't enact nondiscrimination policies. I guess it would be an "attack on religious freedom" — to borrow a currently popular Republican messaging tool — to try to prevent discrimination against gay people.

Sadly, this looks like something Arkansas Republicans could tie to, from congress on down.

OR: You could live in Mississippi, where a legislator wants to rename the Gulf of Mexico the Gulf of America.

Whatever happened to Freedom Fries, anyway, after the French turned out to be right about Iraq? I haven't had a drop of French's mustard since then. (No, not because it's named French, but because the mustard company put out a craven news release at the time distancing themselves from all things French.)

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