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CHRISTIAN VALUES: Bill Pritchard sees lack in rock band.
  • CHRISTIAN VALUES: Bill Pritchard sees lack in rock band.
I think Sen. Bill Pritchard has made a mistake, though I say this from the context of somebody who doesn't vote in a Republican primary, much less a Northwest Arkansas Republican primary.

Says here that Pritchard is trying to make something of the fact that his primary opponent, state Rep. Jon Woods, plays in a band, A Good Fight. The Source blog quotes Pritchard as questioning whether a video in which Woods can be seen (now taken private on YouTube) is consistent with "Christian conservative values." Woods, a straight-edge (no drugs, alcohol or smokes) "evangelical Catholic," says he just likes to play "Whiskey Fore Breakfast," but it doesn't mean it reflects his values.


Hell, there are Christian metal bands these days. Who can decipher lyrics of a thrashing rock band anyway? You sound like a wizened old grouch shouting at kids to get off your lawn when you start sneering about ungodly music. Or Pat Boone.

Sorry we can't get to the bottom of the "obscene gesture" said to have been seen in the protected video. You'll just have to do with a sample of A Good Fight above.

Lindsey Millar featured Woods and his fellow punk rockers in 2008.

You can imagine what Pritchard will say if he beats Woods and his Democratic opponent, Diana Gonzales Worthen, brings out a mariachi band for a fund-raiser.

UPDATE: I have a bootleg of the secret video. I'll try to provide it. Meanwhile, the bird is the word, a freeze frame from the Rocklahoma vid:


UPDATE II: Woods' handlers have decided to release the video after all, a decision they should have made long ago. And they think it's unfair to show one of his grotty pals flipping the bird lest someone who doesn't know what Woods looks like think it's the legislator himself.

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