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Jason Rapert forms another caucus



CONSERVATIVE IN NAME: Jason Raperts practices are another matter.
  • CONSERVATIVE IN NAME: Jason Rapert's practices are another matter.
The Shale Caucus isn't enough for Sen. Jason Rapert of Bigelow and beyond. He'll announce Thursday the formation of a Conservative Caucus, ostensibly bipartisan, though certain to be overwhelmingly Republican. He says constituents (undoubtedly with teabags in their pockets) will join him in support of the "common sense principles" that conservatives hold dear.

Rapert is one of those conservatives who doesn't demonstrate much reverence for conservation. I'm speaking here of the natural resource despoilers of the Fayetteville shale whom Rapert protects almost to a fault. (OK, he is a little concerned about generator noise.) You-break-you-buy-it, another hallowed conservative principle? Not for Rapert. Drillers destroy roads and don't pay enough to fix them. Government usurpation of human rights, another conservative no-no? Forget it. Rapert wants to use the law to restrict medical choices of women and punish people of sexual orientation other than his own. 1st Amendment establishment clause? Count on Rapert opening the government door wide to religion, particularly of the inerrantist Christian persuasion. Federal supremacy? Rapert spits on it, insisting that the state interpose itself against health care law. It goes on. It's just the straight Republican platform by another name, with hopes to peel off a few Democratic allies and ripen them for crossover come the hoped-for red tide.

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