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Howard Dean criticizes Komen for cutting Planned Parenthood



Former Gov. Howard Dean, a physician and a board member of a regional Planned Parenthood organization, responds to the Komen Foundation for the Cure's decision to stop providing money to Planned Parenthood affiliates for breast cancer screening. It's the result of an orchestrated attack on Planned Parenthood's support of a full range of health services for women, including birth control and abortion.

The Komen Foundation has abandoned hundreds of thousands of women who rely on breast health services like mammograms - over a hundred and seventy thousand through its partnership with Planned Parenthood in recent years. By caving into pressure from the far right, the Komen Foundation has demonstrated that they lack courage. Organizations which lack courage eventually fail. I support calls for the corporate donors to re-evaluate their support for Komen so that consumers aren't forced to re-evaluate buying their products. I urge continued support for Planned Parenthood and the work they do to provide women's health services and organizations who will continue the fight against breast cancer without endangering women's lives for political purposes. Learn more about Komen's corporate sponsors at their website: Support Planned Parenthood.” has a petition campaign going.

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