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Who killed the cat? 3rd District controversy continues



Absent a solid development in finding the killer, I'm inclined to move on past the slaying of a cat belonging to a campaign worker for Ken Aden, the Democratic candidate for 3rd District Congress. It was mutilated and the killer scrawled the word "liberal" on the cat's body.

But Republican Rep. Steve Womack's father Kermit DID have to go on his right-wing talk show in Russellville last week and insinuate the killing was a publicity gimmick by the underfunded Aden campaign. A snippet here:

Under the circumstances, you can forgive Aden for issuing a news release terming Womack's remarks "offensive" and "disgusting" and asking for an apology.

UPDATE: Kermit Womack told NWAOnline that he had nothing to apologize for because he made no direct accusation. No, he only said a desperate campaign would come up with tricks to get attention. The insinuation is clear. And, today, he described the event as "non-news." Tell that to a cat lover. Time for Kermit to STFU, as reader Quapaw suggested, but history indicates that isn't going to happen.


Russellville- In a broadcast on Friday, Kermit Womack, father of Rep. Steve Womack, insinuated that the killing of the cat owned by Aden Campaign Director Jacob Burris was a stunt to earn publicity for the Aden Campaign. Ken Aden, Democratic Candidate for Congress, responded that the thinly veiled accusation was one of the most offensive things to be said about the death of the Burris Family's pet, which was brutally bludgeoned to death in what appears to have been a politically motivated attack on the Burris family.

"To accuse Jake of using the murder of his family pet for publicity, even in a speculative way, is absolutely disgusting. It's akin to blaming the victim of a rape for the crime. Mr. Womack owes an apology to Jake and his family who have been terrorized by this incident," Aden said.

"The authorities are at work and an investigation is still ongoing into the crime and catching the assailant," Aden added. "The outpouring of support from people across this state and the nation has been amazing. I'm thankful that there are so many people out there thinking about Jake and his family and refuse to let Mr. Womack's unkind accusations overshadow the thoughts and prayers of so many."

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