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Clark Hall touts money raising



Rep. Clark Hall, a Democratic candidate for 1st District Congress, reports raising more money than incumbent Republican Rep. Rick Crawford in the 4th quarter.

Money is critical, sure. But:

NO Republican, repeat NO Republican, will lack for money, whether it is in the candidate's own campaign account or from an independent committee with unlimited money to fire anonymously with whatever messaging/lie/distortion is necessary to carve up a Democratic challenger. Independent money was critical in Crawford's first victory. Democrat Chad Causey out-raised Crawford by a small amount, but $1.3 million in independent attack advertising rained down on Causey.

UPDATE: Though Republicans were responsible for most of the independent spending two years ago, both sides can play the game. Here's news of a Super PAC prepared to spend $3 million to defeat 10 Tea Party members of Congress. Sadly, none is an Arkansas congressman, though their voting records are essentially identical. Which reminds me: Anybody else heard that Rep. Steve Womack is distancing himself a bit from the Tea Party segment of the 3rd District Republican base?


In a show of striking campaign momentum, the Clark Hall for Arkansas campaign beat incumbent Congressman Rick Crawford in the fourth quarter financial disclosures, reported this month.

“I am honored by the outpouring of support for our campaign to put Arkansas interests ahead of Washington politics, to bring more jobs to our region and restore common-sense to the federal budget,” Hall said.

The following analysis released today by the Clark Hall for Arkansas campaign illustrates the momentum behind Clark Hall as the next Congressman from Arkansas’s first district.

Clark Hall announced total receipts of $131,714.51 compared to Crawford’s $125,433.18 including Hall’s direct donations of $125,214 to Crawford’s $124,981.30.

Clark Hall beat Congressman Rick Crawford even though Hall announced in the 4th quarter and did not have the full quarter to raise support.

Clark Hall had more individual support than Congressman Rick Crawford: Hall raised $92,064 in individual donations, Crawford only $67,569.

Clark Hall beat Congressman Rick Crawford on sheer growth. Hall reported $107,044.84 cash-on-hand, all raised in the 4th Quarter. Crawford netted only a $72,452 gain for the quarter, meaning Hall’s growth was almost 50 percent greater.

Hall now holds the record for most financial support ever raised in the 4th Quarter of a non-election year in the history of Arkansas’s First District.

Crawford released his campaign finance report late Friday afternoon. Hall released his January 17.

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