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Archeologist: dig today didn't uncover grave of Glasgow



Dr. David Lockhart (center) and investigators look at a radar unit
  • Dr. David Lockhart (center) and investigators look at a radar unit

The archeologist who helped oversee a dig today in the field off Highway 161 where a Faulkner County Jail inmate claimed Little Rock businessman John Glasgow is buried said that today's dig into three locations in the field pinpointed as the best possible locations for a grave turned up only two ancient American Indian sites and buried pieces of more modern metal.

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The Arkansas Archeological Survey scanned the field on Old Dirt Road near Clear Lake last Thursday with a ground-penetrating radar unit, which can look for disturbances in the soil up to 6 feet deep. Dr. Elizabeth Horton, the station archeologist at Toltec Mounds State Park, said that the scan turned up three anomalies in the earth which "were the ones that have the highest confidence of being significant."

Investigators spent this morning digging in the field today with a backhoe in the three locations while two archeologists from the Arkansas Archeological Survey looked on, but didn't turn up evidence of a grave.

"The anomalies that Dr. Lockhart's equipment picked up in two cases turned out to be prehistoric features," Horton said, "which was a worry that we had to begin with because we knew we were working in and area where we'd had a prehistoric occupation. The other was probably related to some bits and pieces in the field that were just agricultural debris."

Horton said the three sites were the only ones that the scan showed had a possibility of being significant within the area surveyed. Asked whether the LRPD planned to return to conduct more radar testing in the field, she said that's a question for the police.

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