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The politics of presidential poundage



The Gingrich candidacy raises anew an old political issue — will voters choose a pudgy presidential contender over a thin man?

Carl Cannon, for Real Clear Politics, writes that Ed Rollins teed this up squarely for Mike Huckabee in assessing another Huck race this year:

As the 2012 Republican presidential field was assembling, veteran GOP political consultant Ed Rollins gathered the remnants of his crew together in hopes of reprising their 2008 campaign with the same candidate — Mike Huckabee.

The former Arkansas governor-turned Fox News host was intrigued, but uncertain, and as he weighed his options at AJ Maxwell's, a New York City steakhouse, Rollins insisted on one prerequisite: "Mike, I've put all these things together for you, but you’ve got to do something for me — you’ve got to lose 40 pounds.”

Rollins added, “Look, I’m a fat man, you’re a fat man, but I didn’t write a book about how I lost 100 pounds. . . . You’ve got to get back to running and back on the diet.”

Huckabee’s response was to order a large steak with carrot cake for dessert, and he did not run for president this time. Judging by their svelteness while commentating on Fox this past Saturday night, both Huckabee and Rollins have been dieting and visiting the gym. That’s good for their health, but the results of the South Carolina primary suggest that Rollins may have been giving his client the wrong advice.

The article delves into research about bias toward fat people (worse for women than men), but suggests that growing obesity among voters might offset this to some degree.

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