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Yo, over to you.
Yo-yo: Huff Post says Romney's back on top in Florida. Also:

* MEAN GIRLS: Bentonville cops arrest three teen girls in cyber bullying case. 40/29 reports

* BRYANT FOAM FEST: Twitter indicates the Bryant City Council is discussing the great beer bust — the consumption of beer in the VIP room at the Bryant Family Fest last summer, with Mayor Jill "Republican" Dabbs in attendance. Public serving and consumption of alcohol in a city park in the dry county runs afoul of several laws. if you want to be picky about such things. It isn't the crime of the century, really. But somebody apparebntly put up the argument tonight that beer had to be served as part of a contract with musical entertainers. Please. This sounds like the sort of legal reasoning by which the mayor gave herself and her pal, City Clerk Heather "Republican" Kizer an illegal pay raise to start their tenure in office. An illegal contract is unenforceable. A musician can't enforce a contract provision requiring violation of alcohol laws any more than he could require the mayor to rob a bank to pay him.

* ONLY MONEY CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES: A legislative committee voted today to restore 20 firefighting jobs lost in the cutbacks at the Forestry Commission. Thanks to Sen. Johnny Key, a rare adult in the GOP delegation, for backing the addition. Still lacking: A way to pay for the firefighters. Republicans like Justin Harris and Nate Bell are moaning as if the apocalypse is near from rampaging fires about to incinerate their communities. But pay for the protection? You bet they won't vote for a tax to pay for it. They'll let the Democrats do that and then use the votes as election fodder, as Rep. Jon Woods did in a debate yesterday with Sen. Bill Priitchard, a responsible Republican who, for example, recognized that you couldn't meet the Supreme Court mandate on school funding without increasing taxes to pay for it. Now Woods is decrying Pritchard as a tax and spender. Maybe he should get in his time machine and look at the butterfly effect on state schools had Pritchard not done the responsible thing.

Beebe spokesman Matt DeCample said today it was unclear how legislators intended to pay for the positions if not through a tax increase.

Loaves and fishes, maybe.

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