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But who knows what Max Brantley will post from the West Coast this evening.

We leave you with these items:

* STORMY WEATHERMAN: Who reads a weather blog? A lot of people apparently, since they're telling us about Todd Yakoubian's fit over an ABC weather report last night that said the tornadoes that came through Sunday night took Arkansas "by surprise."

* BB GUNS AT SCHOOL: Two kids at Boone Park Elementary School took their BB guns to school, one on Monday and another today. They've been disciplined. KARK has more.

* TAXATION WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION: West Memphis sales tax is going down ... but only because the state's Office of Excise Tax Administration mailed out notifications to businesses in West Memphis Jan. 18 that they should collect a new sales tax rate of 1.75 percent. The correct rate is actually 1.5 percent, which reflects a quarter-cent tax hike voters approved last year.

* GIVE HIM SOME LOVE, WILL YA?: State Rep. Justin Harris has this to say today on his Facebook page:

Understanding: I'm a hater because I teach virtues of Christ, but the left can call me fat, doughboy, and a (expletive), and that's not hate. That's OK, but seriously who's the haters?

Anybody got an answer to who the haters, er, is?

* CHILDREN IN NEED: An Arkansas Advocates report says more kids are getting health insurance, but there are thousands more who qualify but who haven't been reached.

* TODAY'S SHOOTING: Two men go to a Southwest Little Rock address to steal some marijuana and struggle with the homeowner, who shoots one of the two in the leg. The police, called to the scene by a neighbor, arrest the homeowner after finding 3.5 pounds of marijuana in the residence.

* DRUG SCAM: The U.S. attorney has issued a warning about somebody impersonating a DEA agent and trying to shake down monetary "fines" — apparently from people who've purchased drugs (the legal sort) on the Internet. The DEA doesn't do fine collection or other investigations by phone, be assured.

* BEEBE GOES WOBBLY ON SEVERANCE TAX: Having once said he might vote for an increase in the gas severance tax, Gov. Beebe is now reconsidering, Stephens Media reports. He's afraid it might deter exploration in South Arkansas. If the oil and gas is there, it won't, particularly not if our tax rate is competitive with other states, which it would be. As it stands, it's a giveaway and that's wrong. Go, Sheffield, go.

* EXIT DAN HOWARD: Arkansas State University President Chuck Welch said today that Interim Chancellor Dan Howard had withdrawn his name from the search for a permanent chancellor. He said he'd like to return to being executive vice chancellor and provost. This is an alteration of script that will affect this invited to campus for finalist interviews, no doubt. Finalists expected to be announced Thursday.,

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