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All My (Conway) Children: a blog better than the soaps



If you don't read the Log Cabin Democrat, you are missing a reality show that beats anything currently on TV. A sampler:

* JAGER BOMBS: There's a monumental thread that ensued over a report that a woman hadn't paid a $375 bar tab — some 50 "Jager bombs" and "Vegas bombs" — scuffled with cops, got arrested. All this in a dry county. Comments were hot and heavy, then hot and heavier still when the suspect weighed in, at length, with too much info on her drinking and pharmaceutical use.

* COUGARTOWN: 41-year-old woman charged with sexual assault related to daughter's 15-year-old boyfriend. She'd met the youth in church.

* WHO'LL STOP THE RAIN?: Man charged with urinating on girlfriend's car.

* THE FUTURE OF NEWSPAPERS: Seems unbelievable, with the wealth of information being provided (and the above is just the tip of an iceberg of Conway criminality) that the thread on the future of the newspaper is so pessimistic.

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