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Mike Huckabee endorses Beth Anne Rankin



Does it matter that Mike Huckabee, a Florida resident now, has endorsed a former staff member, Beth Anne Rankin, for 4th District Congress? It's certainly better than the proverbial sharp stick in the eye. And it certainly doesn't hurt that the former governor will hold a fund-raiser for her in Hot Springs.

One of her opponents, Tom Cotton, has been raking in big bucks from his corporate pals in the Beltway. Rankin's fund-raising affair should be more home-grown, a distinction she's pushing hard in a district in which Cotton hasn't spent much time since high school, until his move home to run for Congress this year. A couple of other fellows, Marcus Richmond and John Cowart, are in the Republican race, too. Gene Jeffress has announced on the Democratic side to succeed incumbent U.S. Rep. Mike Ross.


MAGNOLIA, AR— Today former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee announced his endorsement of Beth Anne Rankin for the Republican nominee for United States Congress in the Fourth District of Arkansas. Beth Anne served for seven years in the Governor's office in multiple capacities. She served as the liaison to Capitol Hill, the White House, the National Governor's Association, and federal agencies. She coordinated the Governor's Summit on Economic Development as well as chaired the statewide initiative for the design of the Arkansas State Quarter, which led the nation in citizen participation.

"It is a tremendous honor to have the endorsement of Governor Mike Huckabee. The governor gave me a wonderful opportunity to serve the people of Arkansas by working in the Governor's Office for seven years, including serving as the policy advisor to the National Governors' Association, Capitol Hill and the White House, as well as serving as the Coordinator for the Governor's Summit on Economic Development. I am grateful for the experience of having served with one of America's most respected and trusted conservative leaders, and it is a tremendous honor to have his personal support. Having served as his policy advisor to Capitol Hill, I am thrilled to have Gov. Huckabee's expression of confidence in my ability to be a voice of leadership in the halls of Congress and to represent the values of the great people of the Fourth District of Arkansas" Rankin said.

Governor Huckabee will be hosting a fundraiser for Beth Anne in Hot Springs on Wednesday, February 15 at the Hot Springs Country Club starting at 11:30. For additional details call 870-901-7000.

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