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Booze news, from Fayetteville to Bryant



Where's Carrie Nation when we need her?

* DLMWI: That LM stands for lawn mower. Fellow in Fayetteville arrested (40/29) for swerving down a city street, with passenger aboard, on his riding mower.

* THEY MADE THEM DRINK THAT BEER: Bryant News covered a heated Bryant Parks Commission last night at which criticism was raised of consumption of beer in the VIP area at the city park during last July's "Family Fest." Mayor Jill "Republican" Dabbs was at the table where beer was being consumed. An ordinance prohibits alcohol in a city park. I get all that. As an occasional public park beer scofflaw, I confess this controversy has moved me somewhat less than other city issues. But Bryant News reports that a Dabbs defender says this beer thing was a setup. Can a Republican ever admit error? For this to be a setup, you have to believe a Dabbs foe hornswoggled pals of the mayor into taking beer to the park, opening it and drinking it. Then you have to believe they made sure a local radio station took pictures. Then you have to believe they arranged for the radio station to post the photos on its website. Then you have to believe they laid back for seven months until a certain local blog could be leaked the scandal and spread it all over the interwebs. Skol!

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