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Speaking of congressional money



Congressional candidates are touting their money-raising prowess today. At least some of them are.

Clark Hall, the Democratic candidate in the 1st District, claims a particularly robust quarter for a non-election year.

Tom Cotton, the Republican candidate in the 4th, boasts of a nearly $500,000 kitty.


Clark Hall announced his campaign’s financial report today, breaking the record for financial support in the fourth quarter of a non-election year for any candidate in the history of Arkansas’s First District, including the campaigns of current Congressman Rick Crawford and former Congressman Marion Berry.

“I’m honored to have the support of so many Arkansans in the First District, personally, politically and financially. The momentum behind our campaign is people, people who expect better from our representative in Washington than what we’re getting,” Clark Hall said. “As our next Congressman, I’ll fight for jobs and economic development, restore common-sense to the federal budget process and move past the partisan bickering and gridlock in Washington.”

Clark Hall announced his candidacy in October. With less than the full three months for the quarter, Hall still reported record financial support. Hall raised $131,714.51 with $107,044.84 cashonhand, more than Congressman Rick Crawford raised in the six months of 2009 when he entered the race for Congress. It is more than former Congressman Marion Berry raised in any offyear fourth quarter when he held the seat.

Clark Hall’s support in Arkansas is striking. Of his donors, 94 percent (93.9%) of donors were from Arkansas. Of his donations, 96 percent (95.8%) were from individuals. Hall currently represents House District 13 in the Arkansas legislature.


We have great news to share! The campaign is announcing today that we raised over a half-million dollars in 2011. Because of your support and encouragement, we have laid the groundwork for a winning campaign in May and November, having campaigned across all 33 counties and built what will be the largest grassroots, get-out-the-vote effort in this race. While fundraising is just one part of any campaign, it’s an important part that will provide our grassroots team the tools needed to win and ensure that Fourth District voters will hear our plans to stand up to Barack Obama, get America working again, and get the federal government under control.

Of the approximately $540,000 raised in 2011, nearly $200,000 came in the fourth quarter. As important, we have $479,000 cash on hand, which I believe is a new record for an Arkansas congressional candidate in the off-year.

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