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Huckabee jumps to head of Romney parade



Nobody can sense a parade better than Mike Huckabee and when he sees one, it's not long before he's up in front, elbowing the drum major if need be.

Today, he's leapt to the defense of corporate raider Mitt Romney. Any who'd criticize vulture capitalism are just left-wing anti-capitalists, The Huckster says. His e-mail blast says, in part:

Bad companies have to die to make way for stronger companies, in the same way that old trees fall over to make way for new trees.

Bain killed many good companies, of course, sometimes to create bad companies. Didn't matter how over-leveraged the effort to reduce competition made some buyers. Bain and Romney got rich.

UPDATE: On the Huckster beat, Sen. John McCain says Huckabee has been dishonest in talking about the 2008 primary in South Carolina. Huckster thinks McCain got Fred Thompson to stay in to split the conservative vote and foil Huck. "That's totally false," McCain said. "It's totally patently false, and for him to say something like that, maybe it makes him feel better but it's not the truth."

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