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The Cotton Bowl open line



WPS. Otherwise, final words:

* 4TH DISTRICT GOP DEBATE SET: Tune up your computers so you'll be ready Monday night for a live-streamed debate among Republican candidates for the open 4th District congressional seat — Tom Cotton, Beth Anne Rankin Marcus Richmond. Doyle Webb, the Republican Party chair, will take time off from his Bryant city attorney gig to moderate. The event, to be held in El Dorado, will be from 5 to 6:30 p.m. and streamed by Roby Brock's Talk Business at this link.

* NORTH LITTLE ROCK'S ITCHY TRIGGER FINGER: Early reports are that border collies are doing well chasing geese away from Burns Park. But Mayor Pat Hays has made it clear he hasn't ruled out a goose hunt as a last resort for controlling the population of sometimes-obnoxious crapping machines. Should guns be needed, the city can react quickly. A proposal on the City Council agenda next week allows the mayor to suspend the rule against discharge of firearms in parks and other city property with only three days notice.

* FAIR IS FAIR, GOP: Credit Jason Tolbert, a generally Republican-friendly blogger. He notes the expected Democratic denunciation of Republican Party Chair Doyle Webb going on Bryant taxpayers' bill as interim city attorney. But he says that the GOP, having complained about Democratic bloggers who hold state jobs, was asked a fair question in whether Webb would be mixing political work on his publicly paid time. Uh, yes.

* WHAT A RICK: Rick Santorum says openly gay military people will make our military weaker. Good question for next week's 4th District congressional debate. Do the Republican candidates vow to work to reinstitute a total ban on gay military service? And do they favor making sodomy a crime again, the right kind of Supreme Court justices willing? Also, do idiot presidents make our country weaker?

* FINE: William Frances McBeth, the composer and conductor, died today at 78. He was a distinguished professor and composer in residence at Ouachita Baptist University and was best known for compositions for wind bands.

* COPY EDITOR WANTED: Apply at Washington County Courthouse, Fayetteville.


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