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Members of the committee that will oversee the expenditure of Little Rock's new penny sales tax haven't been named (though I've got a question in to City Manager Bruce Moore about the nominees) but the committee does have its own logo and name: CENT, Citizen Evaluation of New Tax. The creation of the logo was done in-house, by the parks department.

The committee will be voted on in February, Moore said last night. Meanwhile, the city manager has been checking up on businesses to see if they are collecting the tax, which went into effect Jan. 1. The state sent out tax notifications in November. So far, Moore's found a couple of restaurants that had forgotten to add the penny (he declined to name them). Restaurants and other businesses will want to charge the right amount, because the difference in what's charged and what should have been charged will come out of their pockets.

Moore said he will continue to check up on businesses.

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