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Christmas 2011




I hope Santa wishes were fulfilled. For all, I wish warmth, security and good companions.

I'm floating on memories of Christmases past.

My first bike Christmas.

My daughter's early Christmas when Grandma Betty gave her a doll and a handmade wardrobe. Martha christened her doll Christmas Jesus Gladys. Naturally, I broke the doll's baby carriage during the oath-peppered assembly the night before.

My son's computer Christmas (80 MB! and a dot matrix printer that churned out a greeting from Santa.) At six, he pored over the user's manual and figured out a first-day glitch.

Then there's this Christmas, my family together. As close as the computer is a rumbustious blog family at the ready with humor, sympathy, insight, criticism and prompt puncturing of pomposity.

To all a good day.

PS — I'm sober. I was just looking ahead, as ever, with my original headline postdating the year.

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