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Arkansas Lottery could hit Powerball jackpot



Lottery officials are keeping a close watch on Georgia.

The person who bought a $77 million Powerball ticket at a Georgia truck stop June 29 has until Monday night before the 180-day window closes to claim the prize. So far, lottery officials have received no indication a claim is coming. If no one shows up, the jackpot will be distributed in proportion to sales to the 44 states and other entities that participate in the Powerball multi-state lottery game.

That would mean a windfall to the Arkansas Lottery. Under Arkansas rules, the money goes into the unclaimed prize pool and ultimately to the state's lottery scholarship fund. Arkansas accounted for about .8 percent of the sales for that week's Powerball sales, which means more than $600,000 of the jackpot could flow to Arkansas, by my rough calculation.

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