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Mike Ross declares war FOR Christmas



Is there a shallower, more opportunistic, more demagoguic public official in Arkansas than U.S. Rep. Mike Ross?

Here he declares war against those making war on Christmas. He has a bloody shirt to wave, a House resolution claiming there are those intent on banning the mention of Christmas in public life (no names or details provided). Ross is four-square for Christmas, by God.

The only thing Ross hasn't done yet — and I hesitate to mention it — is to jet into Paragould so he can lie down in front of that Greene County public school nativity display and dare the ACLU to try to take it down. He could take a shotgun and have a constitutional twofer of a demonstration.

Could we ban Mike Ross from public life?

PS — If somebody IS waging a war on Christmas, they're doing worse than Custer at Little Bighorn.

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