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Feeding the hungry; a modest proposal



So I read in the Democrat-Gazette today that gun-happy state Rep. Randy Stewart of Kirby wants to institutionalize taxpayer subsidies to process wild game to give to the hungry. This is wild game that, in many cases, the hunters don't want to eat. Their consciences are mollified a bit by the thought that the meat might go to some good use. But only as long as they don't have to pay for the processing.

Here's an idea: How about putting a similar amount of state money into peanut butter, cheese, bean, rice and similar stores for cheap, nutritious and far more popular sources of food pantry stock for the hungry?

There is a reason deep freezers all over Arkansas are stuffed with gamey ducks and stringy deer time-stamped back to 1949 or so. (I know, I know. If you marinate it in sherry for 15 hours, tie it up in bacon, smother it in onions, slow cook it carefully, serve it with some cheese grits, pair it with a robust, fruit-forward red wine ..... )

The state doesn't need to pay cash subsidies to charity. Then it isn't charity. It's socialized hunting.

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