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Little Rock continues tax subsidy for Chamber



The Democrat-Gazette reported this morning that there were no objections to the tax-swollen Little Rock budget.

For the record: Note an objection to the continuing $200,000 subsidy to the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce, which uses the handout to support a raft of political initiatives unfriendly to working people and the common good.

The appropriation is clearly unconstitutional. Our state charter prohibits appropriations to private corporations. They've cooked up a fig leaf to cover the subsidy, a bogus "contract" for economic development services, but the city only contributes a subsidy to work the chamber is already doing. The amount is unrelated to the work done. It was once $250,000, but reduced during hard times. I guess I should be thankful that Mayor Stodola didn't try to increase the subsidy. There's always next year. And you may be sure they'll be back with their hand out for money for which there's no accountability.

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