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Blue Dogs to endorse Clark Hall for Congress



I'll try not to hold this against Rep. Clark Hall:

U.S. Congressman Mike Ross of Prescott will host a conference call with reporters on today’s announcement by the Blue Dog Coalition to endorse Clark Hall for Congress in Arkansas’s First Congressional District. Ross, who represents Arkansas’s Fourth Congressional District, also serves as the Blue Dog Co-Chair for Communications.

So far, I guess, Ross isn't ready to switch parties for his 2014 run for governor.

Ross comments:

“The Blue Dogs are fierce advocates of fiscal responsibility, government accountability and a strong national defense, which is why we are endorsing my good friend, Clark Hall, for Arkansas’s First Congressional District. As a farmer and former mayor, Clark knows how to work hard and get the job done. And, as a leader in the state legislature, Clark knows how to balance the budget — reaching across the aisle and taking the tough votes to give Arkansas a balanced budget year after year. We need more independent-minded, fiscally responsible leaders like Clark Hall in the U.S. Congress and that is why the Blue Dog Coalition is proud to endorse his candidacy."

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