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Severance revealed for Hog coach Willy Robinson



THREE MONTHS PAY: Willy Robinson got that and another month for bowl bonus as traveling money from UA.
  • THREE MONTHS PAY: Willy Robinson got that and another month for bowl bonus as traveling money from UA.
The Arkansas Times submitted an FOI request several days ago related to the end of Willy Robinson's job as defensive coordinator for the University of Arkansas football team.

I received two documents today:

* Robinson's two-sentence resignation letter Tuesday, Dec. 5.

* A letter dated the same day from Athletic Director Jeff Long . It accepted the resignation and spelled out details of Robinson's severance. He is to be paid his base salary — about $27,000 a month — through March 5. That pay would be stopped if he's hired somewhere else before then. But Long also said he'd review the situation if Robinson doesn't have employment by then. He said Robinson also would get a bowl game bonus equivalent to one month's base pay. So that's four months of pay altogether, worth more than $108,000 at $325,000, which is his university base pay. He got another $50,000 last season from the Razorback Foundation.

He was directed to turn in his computer and keys, but was allowed to keep a university cell phone to use for University business through March 5. The university agreed to pay Robinson's expenses to attend a coming football coaches' convention (a prime spot for employment contracts, usually).

The letter said the UA was keeping Robinson on the payroll through March 5 to ensure a smooth transition. "I very much appreciate your service to the University of Arkansas and wish you the best in the future," concluded Long.

Not a golden parachute, perhaps, but at least a small safety chute.

PS — Kevin Trainor at the UA tells me Robinson had no "long-form" contract. "We don't currently have formal contracts with our assistant coaches. They are appointed employees." Robinson had a contract originally, but when its term expired about a year ago, he became an "appointed" employee, Trainor said.

PPS — Speaking of assistant coaches, Paul Petrino is going to make $475,000 (including a Razorback Foundation $50K) as offensive coordiantor.

UPDATE: Transition to a new defensive coach shouldn't take long. BMFP announced late last night that he'd hired Paul Haynes from Ohio State and he could start work today.

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