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Two dead in shootings at Virginia Tech



Twitter posts from the Virginia Tech student newspaper of a shooting on campus with a fatality and perhaps a second victim. One of those shot identified as a police officer. A potential suspect said to be in custody.

UPDATE: Reports say two people, including officer, are dead and the gunman is not in custody.

UPDATE: Campus statement says officer was shot during a routine traffic stop (not by the person in the car) and another person was shot at some point as the gunman fled from the scene on foot. Police aren't saying whether the second person dead is the person who shot the officer, but that theory appears to be on the mind of reporters asking about the case.

UPDATE: Police said at a late-afternoon news conference that the situation is "under control." Authorities are reluctant to say it, but the all-clear signal for the campus seems to indicate the person who shot the officer shot himself and ended further threat.

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