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Wednesday night line



It's open. Closing out:

* MORE CHARGES: New charges filed today alleging more sexual predation of children by former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky. Again: Penn State should sit out the bowl season. Also: If Blago got 14 years ago trying to trade on his position to get a job, how many years should somebody get for child rape? 1,400?

* BANKRUPTCY FRAUD: The U.S. attorney has indicted an Arkansas couple for concealing assets before filing for bankruptcy. No, not anybody famous. Not that we're saying anybody else we can think of might have found a way to protect major family assets prior to going under.

* FEEL-GOOD READING: It's by Charles Pierce, in Sports Illustrated, on the Hmong community around Magazine, Ark., and the huge impact tiny Asian players have had on the football team.

* GUN SLINGING: U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin was bragging today about being part of a committee working on the defense spending bill. I'm guessing that's more important to defense contractors and their lobbyists than to average Joes, but ..... I'm also thinking this wouldn't count for much in the military preeening department if retired Gen. Wesley Clark enters the congressional race, as at least a few think is a possibility.

* PEE IN THE CUP, GOVERNOR: Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who engineered legislation, held up in court, requiring drug tests of people seeking welfare assistance, had a press conference interrupted by Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi demanding that he pee in a cup to demonstrate his fitness to be paid by the state of Florida.

* HATE CRIME GUILTY PLEA: A final guilty plea today in the firebombing of an interracial couple's home in Hardy.

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