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Save the Burns Park geese, UPDATE



SET FOR SLAUGHTER: Burns Parks Canada geese.
  • SET FOR SLAUGHTER: Burns Park's Canada geese.

For reasons unclear, Facebook took down the original page established to organize opposition to a mass slaughter of the sitting geese in Burns Park. It's scheduled for Dec. 20-22.

Undeterred, opponents of the so-called "hunt" of the resident Canada goose flock have another page going.

Here's where to link in with the Coalition to Save the Geese of Burns Park.

I'm enjoying the tall-talking gun nuts on Twitter who are licking their chops at some easy goose killing. They appear to have no hunting interest in eating this golf course chemical-tainted meat, just in the blasting. They want to give the meat to the homeless and poor. Beware of boys like this bearing gifts, street people. If they won't eat it, you shouldn't either.

Get a border collie and oil the eggs, Commodore Hays.

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