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Health care: So much money. For what?



Bob Somerby repeats a favorite fact, how U.S. compares in health care spending with major developed countries.

Per person spending on health care, 2009 (or nearest year)

United States: $7960
Canada: $4363
Germany: $4218
France: $3978
United Kingdom: $3487
Australia: $3445
OECD average: $3233
Italy: $3137
Spain: $3067
Japan: $2878

So help me readers. Why do we pay more than countries that provide universal care to their citizens? More than countries whose citizens live longer? It's not government waste, because administrative costs of the big government program Medicare is half that of private insurance programs. It's surely not rich salaries for the medical professions. Don't believe me, just ask any Republican doctor's wife who serves in the Arkansas Senate.

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