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Maylon Rice announces for state House



Maylon Rice, a former newspaperman who's now director of the Boston Mountain Solid Waste District, has announced he'll run for the legislature as a Democrat for House District 85. That's Uvalde Lindsey's district, but he's running for Senate. The shape of the district was changed by reapportionment to cover eastern Fayetteville, Farmington and rural areas near Prairie Grove. David Whitaker, a lawyer, announced earlier as a Democratic candidate.

I'm keeping up with the 135 legislative races only intermittently. But I've known Maylon a long time. I think first of him as a Northwest Arkansas Times reporter giving the kind of attention to then-UA Chancellor John White that Debra Hale-Shelton famously gives to UCA. White, who was secretive, autocratic and not always a straight shooter, deserved the attention. In the process, Maylon caught hell from the usual UA apologists. It's no knock on Hale-Shelton, but it's a bit easier to pick on UCA than it is to pick on UA-F (football branch).

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